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The Terms of Use are the Terms of Service of Axotechnology LTD. All Our Service Customers Are Considered to Have Accepted This Agreement. The system will not allow you to continue without accepting the contract when placing an order.

1- Parties

1.1: This contract is between Axotechnology LTD (referred to as Axo Host) providing the services (referred to as the Services) specified in the services section and the person/institution (referred to as the Customer) with the details specified in the New customer registration section. The use of the website (referred to as the Site) operating on the www.axohost.com internet address (and its sub-sites) and the services to be purchased through this site will be deemed to have been signed by the following terms and conditions.

1.2: The parties declare, accept and undertake that the information written in this contract is correct.

2- Subject

2.1: This contract will regulate the parts that the customer is allowed to do or not to do in accordance with the information given in the registration process in the transactions, orders, messages sent by the customer on the site, and the fees to be paid to Axo Host in return for the services to be received in accordance with their preferences in the orders. These service and transaction disclosures are as follows.

2.2: Membership information is the information entered by the customer during membership. Since this information will be taken as a basis in the transactions made, it is assumed that the customer and the member have entered this information completely and correctly without errors.

3- Responsibilities

3.1: Axo Host will provide the services forwarded as an order upon the request of the customer. With the acceptance of the order, Axo Host will accept that it has collected the relevant fee and undertake to provide the service specified in the order in question.

3.2: The payment method, VAT differences will be specified with the total amount to be deducted at the time of order, and the fees to be paid according to the monthly or annual payment preferences of the customer will be notified by Axo Host.

3.3: After accepting the order and confirming the transactions, Axo Host will forward the control panel, ftp, sql and e-mail user names and passwords for the service in the customer order details to the customer and the service will begin. The responsibility of the relevant accounts and passwords is the responsibility of the customer, and the customer will be responsible for any damage and loss that may arise from these issues.

3.4: The customer undertakes to comply with the statements and warnings received by Axo Host within the scope of the service received. The Customer declares, accepts and undertakes to comply with any notice or notice issued by Axo Host while using the hosting account. The customer cannot distribute or sell the services provided to him free of charge and unlimited in the hosting service he has received, to third parties for a fee or free of charge and/or on a limited or unlimited basis.

3.5: The customer undertakes not to access files or programs that do not have the right to access by using the software and programs he/she has within the service, not to cause any problems due to such a problem, and to compensate for any problems and problems that may arise.

3.6: The customer accepts and undertakes that the taxes, fees and similar obligations that are in effect during the use of the domain name, hosting or the services he receives or that will come into force during the contract belong to him and he will meet them.

3.7: It accepts and undertakes that it is responsible for all files, documents and programs it contains within the customer service, for all transactions that it will use and benefit from with its website and e-mail services, and to meet all legal and criminal liability that may arise from the illegality of such data, information and statements. it does. No defect can be conveyed to Axo Host from problems that may arise in this regard.

3.8: Axo Host does not review pages for content before they are posted and does not verify, endorse, or otherwise take responsibility for the content of any user-created pages. Axo Host may terminate user accounts for violating these guidelines or for any other reason or because Axo Host believes it is harmful to itself or any of its users. Axo Host has the right to delete the acts and acts that violate the law, without informing the customer.

3.9: Axo Host cannot be held responsible for any material or moral damages that may arise from misuse of customer data, data content, all data used by e-mail in the service it provides. The responsibility for backing up and storing this data belongs to the customer. Axo Host will regularly backup and maintain all customer data. Despite this, Axo Host is not responsible for any errors, damages and losses that may occur due to interruptions or data loss that may occur in Axo Host services. Backup of data is the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise stated in the contract text.

3.10: Axo Host will carry out the domain name registration processes that have been ordered by the customer and paid for without any problems. The owner of the domain name, which is registered and paid for with the registration request accepted with the order, is the customer. Axo Host will be able to act on the domain name in line with the customer's demands in this regard. The customer will make an edit, change and transfer requests on the domain name as soon as possible.

4- Duration

4.1: The specified rights and obligations of the parties begin with the transmission of the order and payment transactions of this contract to Axo Host via the internet.

4.2: The contract period is the payment period chosen by the customer during the order for the relevant service.

4.3: If the parties do not warn that the contract will expire at the end of the period until 10 business days before the expiration of the contract, the contract is extended by the same terms and conditions as the previous contract period. (Changes in wages are reserved.)

5- Fee

5.1: The fee to be paid for the services specified in this contract is the amount specified during the order process. It is calculated by adding VAT to the specified fees later, and the collection is realized by showing it to the customer.

5.2: Axo Host reserves the right to make future changes on prices and tariffs without prior notice. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes the changes that may occur in advance regarding these changes.

5.3: If the fee is in a foreign currency, it is paid in Turkish Lira at the effective selling rate of the Central Bank on the invoice date.

5.4: From the invoice date to the end of the 5th business day, if there is a credit card payment order during the order process, the customer is obliged to pay from the credit card account, if there is no credit card payment order, the customer is obliged to pay to the bank account numbers specified in the contact address or to Axo Host.

5.5: In case of delay in payment, Axo Host reserves the right to issue a currency difference invoice.

5.6: Axo Host reserves the right to close or open the relevant service until the customer completes the payment process.

5.7: As specified during the order, domain/domain name, SSL certificates and server services (co-location, dedicated, vps virtual servers) Google Adwords Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Mynet Advertising, Adnet Advertising Packages, ready site, ssl certificate, e-commerce and web Since the contracts regarding the services performed instantly in the electronic environment in the design processes and the goods delivered to the consumer instantly are not subject to the provisions regarding the right of withdrawal and use, no refunds are made.

6- Suspension

6.1: Axo Host reserves the right to stop all services provided to the customer, e-mail, web, ftp accounts due to problems in payment, provision problems for customers with credit card payment orders or clauses related to terms and obligations.

6.2: During the continuation of this situation, e-mail, web, ftp access cannot be made on behalf of the customer, and e-mail accounts are blocked and incoming e-mails are rejected.

6.3: The maximum CPU and RAM usage rate per site on the server is 10% for individual hosting, 12% for reseller hosting, and 15% for corporate hosting. User accounts that exceed the specified limits are suspended after the first warning.

6.4 Both copyrights and T.C. on our servers. Content that violates the law is prohibited. This content; Hack, Crack, Warez, Adult and MP3 content included.

6.5: The security of all software on the server belongs to our customers. Our company is in no way responsible for any issue that may arise from Chmod 777 or related to your software.

7- Termination

7.1: If the customer does not fulfill his responsibilities and commitments by violating any article of this agreement, or if the information declared on the front of this agreement is not correct, if the suspension of the above-mentioned agreement continues for more than 7 days, Axo Host will not give any notice or notice. reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally without notice.

7.2: After such termination, the customer; declares, accepts and undertakes that he will not be able to claim the last contract fee paid, regardless of the remaining time, and to pay commercial penal indemnity 5 times the precedent contract price in force on the date of termination.

7.3: The customer has the right to terminate this contract at the end of its term, without giving any reason, provided that he gives a written notice 10 days before the contract ends for the normal period.

7.4: In the event that the contract is terminated by the customer before the expiry date, it declares, accepts and undertakes to pay 1/2 of the fees to be paid until the end of the contract, in full and in advance.

7.5: If the customer uses profanity, insults, threats, harassment and derogatory expressions through communication channels (phone, mail, online support and other means of transportation), their membership is suspended.

7.5: If the customer uses profanity, insults, threats, harassment and derogatory expressions through communication channels (phone, mail, online support and other means of transportation), their membership is suspended. They are not allowed to work with Axo Host. No refunds or transactions such as transferring or transferring the products purchased to another account are made.

8- Contact and Information Addresses

8.1: The parties have accepted, declared and committed to the postal addresses specified in the order address as legal residence for all kinds of notifications arising from the contract.

8.2: Any notification made to these addresses shall be deemed to have been served even if the parties do not receive it. Unless the changes in these addresses are notified to the other party in writing, the old addresses will be valid.

8.3: Axo Host may send messages, information, letters, warnings, payment notifications, account movement schedule, account statements to the e-mail address allocated to the customer within the contract period. The customer may not claim that the electronic messages in question were not received or not received, and he declares, accepts and undertakes that the said messages will be deemed to have been legally notified 1 day after they are sent.

9- Default in Payment of Fee

9.1: If the customer does not pay for the services received within 7 days following the application date, it is deemed to be in default. In this case, Axo Host may issue an invoice for the foreign exchange difference or, if it wishes, may request a monthly 15% delay interest from the invoice date. The customer declares and agrees to pay this delay interest and foreign exchange difference invoice.

9.2: In case Axo Host files a lawsuit or enforcement proceeding for all kinds of receivables arising from this contract, the customer may pay 15% monthly delay interest, 50% of the remaining debt amount, penal clause 10%, Attorney's Fee and all other legal fees. declares, accepts and undertakes to pay the expenses.

9.3: If the Customer applies to the legal authorities for Precautionary Seizure and Precautionary Measures for the collection of his receivables arising from this contract, Axo Host is authorized to take an unsecured Injunction and Injunction decision, however, when a guarantee is requested by the Courts, the commission and any fees arising from the letters of guarantee to be obtained from the banks. declares, accepts and undertakes that all kinds of fees will be paid by them and that they will not object to these issues.

10- Authorized Courts and Enforcement Offices

10.1: This contract, however, consists of 10 articles, sub-headings and APPENDIX-1, and has been read, understood and signed by the parties. (Signature is deemed to have taken place when the order is sent to Axo Host on the internet). Axo Host may add, remove or make changes to new articles and/or sub-titles if deemed necessary. The customer declares and undertakes that he has accepted these changes in advance.

10.2: Hatay Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this contract. APPENDIX-1 Account Settings / E-mail address Your account is activated after the payment process is collected. Whether or not your e-mail address in your account is valid is entirely up to you. If there are any complaints or we need to contact you, we will contact you using your primary e-mail address in your customer panel. For this reason, it is in your interest to enter your e-mail address correctly and to check it regularly. Entering the wrong contact information can lead to bad consequences such as closing your account.


Our transfer team makes maximum effort during your move to Axo Host. The transfer process is a free service offered only for the convenience of users. Axo Host cannot guarantee whether the migration is possible and will be completed in any time. Each hosting company is organized differently, and some hosting platforms store data incompatible or proprietary. This makes the move inconvenient or rather difficult. We will do the best we can, but we would like to point out that in some cases we may not be able to assist you with your relocation. We currently only offer cPanel to cPanel migrations. Transport service is chargeable. Depending on your request, you can have our team transport it by paying 10 TL per site including VAT.

Paid relocation service only covers a period of 30 days from the start date of your membership.

Axo Host uses central dns structure. For this reason, when you move from one of our servers to another server, you need to delete the account that you do not use, because a website does not work on two different servers. If you take the necessary action and do not delete the account that you do not use, our technical team can delete the hosting account on the server where your website is not active during the checks made for you.


All services provided by Axo Host must be used for legal purposes. Axo Host accepts the laws of the Republic of Türkiye. Any written, audio or visual content or material presented on Axo Host servers cannot be contrary to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey. Otherwise, all material and moral responsibilities arising/to be born belong to the customer. The service provider Axo Host is not liable.

Customers guarantee that they will not put Axo Host in a situation where it will be damaged due to the services it provides.

In our services, trademark or copyright infringement is prohibited. This includes any unauthorized copying of music, books, photographs or any copyrighted transactions. Selling fake versions of any trademark services will result in immediate deletion of your account. Any account violating these rules, violating copyrights is detected, the account will be frozen or deleted completely. If you think that your copyright or trademark rights have been violated, you can send the necessary information to info@uzmantescil.com.tr via e-mail. If it's licensing, we may need the necessary documentation.

It is forbidden to use shared hosting service (shared hosting) as backup or storage, "On FTP, only cPanel backup can be found in compressed (.tar.gz, .rar, .zip etc.) format. Please do not back up your backups.

Below are examples of prohibited materials on the Shared or Reseller service:

* Toplists

* Sites containing Adult and Pornography

* IRC Scripts / Bots

* Proxy Scripts / Anonymizers

* Unauthorized software / warez

* Image hosting scripts (like Photobucket or Tinypic)

* Autosurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites

* IP scanners (IP Scanner)

* Bruteforce programs/scripts/apps

* Email bombing / spam scripts

* File hosting / mirror scripts. (similar to rapidshare)

* Video distribution (youtube.com-like scripts)

* Escrow/bank-like sites

* HYIP etc. sites

* Investment sites (FOREX , E-gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM / Pyramid Scheme)

* Selling any material without legal distribution rights

* Prime Bank Programs

* Lotto games sites


* Hateful / racist / offensive sites

* Hacker-oriented sites / archives / programs

* Sites that organize illegal activities

* Illegal, copyrighted (warez) forums/web pages

* Metin2, Knight Online style game sites

* Applications to attract followers from social media such as Twitter, Facebook

  • Mailer Pro etc.

Axo Host services, all related equipment, network and network devices are authorized for the use of the customer only. Axo Host can monitor the services it offers for legal issues, for controlling whether the customer makes authorized use, for system management, to prevent unauthorized use, to control security procedures and for operational security. During this monitoring process, information can be viewed, saved or copied. By using Axo Host services, you accept this monitoring process.

Axo Host reserves the right to refuse the service used. Interfering with the use of the offered service is completely under the control of Axo Host. For example, sites that contain threatening, copyright infringing content may be deleted from our servers without warning. In such and similar cases, our Complaints department will contact you (by phone or e-mail), if no results are received within 48 hours, your account may be frozen or deleted.

If you have any doubts about whether your site has an acceptable content, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to info@uzmantescil.com.tr and get detailed information, we will be happy to assist you!

For Dealer/Reseller users:

When similar conditions occur, the accounts are frozen and a message is sent to the reseller owner about this issue to delete the account. In case of multiple similar violations, Axo Host reseller may freeze or cancel your account.

For direct customers: Your account will be deleted from our servers without sending any message.

When the above-mentioned situation occurs, Axo Host reports the necessary information to the competent authorities.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the scripts / programs you use in your account are safe and the file permissions are set correctly. Users are responsible for all changes in their accounts. This includes the username and password you use when logging into the system. For your security, you should make sure that your password is difficult. If you use a weak password (like 123456), your account may be frozen until you agree to use a hard password. If your password is found to be weak during the account check process, we will send you a message to change/update your password.

Zero tolerance for spam! We do not show any tolerance for spam. Accounts of spammers will be deleted without any warning message. Customers using shared hosting service can review the Mail Policy.

Spammers cannot stay on Axo Host servers. This prohibition does not only cover the fax, instant messaging or Usenet/Newsgroup categories.

Axo Host reserves the right to make changes on any web page, account, database or other components when deemed necessary.

In all our shared servers (such as Web hosting, Corporate Hosting, Reseller Hosting), the php mail function is closed for security reasons. Axo Host only allows secure e-mail sending over the SMTP protocol.

Payment information

You are responsible for paying for any service you receive from Axo Host. Axo Host guarantees the continuity of the service until the end of the payment process. You are responsible for making your payment as long as you do not warn us to cancel the use of the service you have ordered, or as long as you use the entire service we have provided to you.

For detailed information about service cancellations, you can send an e-mail to info@uzmantescil.com.tr.

As an Axo Host customer, it is entirely your responsibility to enter your customer information correctly and make your payments on time. Axo Host guarantees that it will keep your data for 10 days from the invoice date. If you do not pay your bill for 10 days, your account may be frozen or deleted. If your payments will be delayed, we would like you to contact us so that your account is not frozen or deleted so that we are informed about this issue.

You can make your payments via Bank Transfer or Credit card. If you have any questions about payments, you can send an e-mail to info@uzmantescil.com.tr or call us at +90850 303 1 888 phone number.

Axo Host reserves the right to change the payment amount and service fee at any time.

Backup and Data Loss

It is the customer's sole responsibility to get a replacement. Our backup service is just a free security service we provide. Axo Host is not responsible for any data/file loss you have experienced. With this agreement, you agree that you have all rights over your files.

Cancellations and Refunds

Axo Host reserves the right to close and freeze user accounts at any time without warning.

Customers can request account cancellation at any time. For detailed information about account cancellation, you can send an e-mail to support@axohost.com, open a support notification or contact us by phone at +44 7455 901841 . Axo Host can refund you within 7 days (except for non-refundable services) in case of any dissatisfaction.

Resource Usage

Users cannot do the following:

* Consumption of system resources 20% or more for more than 90 seconds

* Use of stand-alone, server-side applications (For example, hosting an IRCD.)

* The use of any type of web spider or bots that allow sites to be indexed is prohibited in shared hosting. (For example Google Cash / AdSpy)

* Using any software similar to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network

* It is forbidden to run any bit torrent application. You may be legally distributing torrents, but you cannot host it on shared hosting.

* You cannot participate in any file sharing/peer-to-peer participation,

* You cannot run any game server. (like half life, counter strike, battlefield1942)

* Cron entries can be set at minimum 30 minutes for web hosting services, 20 minutes for reseller accounts, and every 10 minutes for corporate hosting accounts. Cron entries made outside of the specified limits can be deleted without notice.

* When importing any local file using PHP's include function, you should use include("include.php") instead of "http://www.yourdomain.com/include.php".

* Maximum database size is limited to 500MB for individual hosting, 750MB for reseller hosting, and 1000MB for corporate hosting.

  • CPU limit is 10% for individual web hosting service, 15% for corporate web hosting and 12% for reseller/reseller hosting service. Customers cannot use the specified rate continuously.

Resource Usage - INODEs

Users using any shared hosting service (including reseller hosting) will receive a warning if they use more than 100000 inodes. If no action is taken despite the warning, the account will be frozen. Accounts of users exceeding the 25000 inode limit will be automatically deleted from our backup system in order to stabilize the average usage. Each file (web page, image, e-mail, etc.) uses 1 inode. We do not like to freeze the accounts of users who do not exceed the usage limit too much; However, we frequently inspect and/or freeze the accounts of users who create and delete large files, create hundreds of thousands of files, or cause system damage.

Reserve Limit

We do not take daily and weekly backups of users who use disk space more than 2 GB or 25000 inode limit in shared hosting service. Axo Host takes daily, weekly and monthly backups so that all data is not lost in case of any hardware problem. These backups are not for the use of users, but for the data not to be lost in case of any technical problems.

Traffic Usage

You can use the traffic area allocated to you. The quota for this is as much as the hosting package you have purchased. If you have to exceed the quota we have allocated to you, you can freeze your account until your next quota is created, purchase additional traffic, or switch to a hosting package with higher features. Unused traffic during the month cannot be transferred to the next month. For our customers using unlimited traffic hosting; As long as they do not exceed their resource usage and comply with the conditions in the contract of the package they receive, their accounts will not be frozen or deleted due to traffic. In unlimited traffic web hosting packages, the bandwidth is unlimited only for your site from which you purchased the service. You cannot drive traffic to other sites.

Money Back Guarantee

Domain / domain name, SSL certificates and server services (co-location, dedicated, vps virtual servers) as specified during the order, Google Adwords Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Mynet Advertising, Adnet Advertising Packages, ready site, ssl certificate, e-commerce and web design processes Since the contracts regarding the services performed instantly in the electronic environment and the goods delivered instantly to the consumer are not subject to the provisions regarding the right of withdrawal and use, no refunds are made. – 7-day money-back guarantee does not cover this issue. All reseller and shared hosting service packages provided by Axo Host are covered by a 7-day refund guarantee. Remember, this 7-day money-back guarantee is only for users who use shared or reseller packages and make monthly payments.

Uptime Guarantee

Our Shared hosting and Reseller servers are monitored 24 hours a day, we guarantee to intervene as soon as possible in case of any interruption in our server. However, this period may be extended in direct proportion to the workload of the datacenter where our servers are located and the problem that may occur in the server. We guarantee 98% uptime to our customers using shared hosting and Reseller service. If this uptime falls below a certain number, we extend the service times by 4 times the downtime for the satisfaction of our customers.

Reseller: Customer Responsibility

Reseller customers are responsible for supporting their own customers. Axo Host does not provide any support services to its reseller customers' customers. If a customer of our reseller client contacts us for support, we will inform him of who and how he can get support. Support requests involving security issues can only be made by the reseller customer. In addition, reseller customers are also responsible for the content and behavior of their customers under their own accounts. When Axo Host detects any situation contrary to the usage agreement, it takes the reseller customer into account as responsible.

Shared Hosting / VPS

Users using shared hosting services cannot offer hosting services. If you want to offer hosting service, you must have a reseller account. Backups of VPS accounts are not taken, you must manage your backups yourself.


It is the customer's sole responsibility to have a valid email account and secure the root password. Axo Host does not perform any backup operations for the servers, it is the customer's responsibility to manage and create backup operations. If you want, you can buy additional hard disk for backup system and manage your backups, this is the simplest solution we can offer you. If you need a second hard disk, you can contact us via support@axohost.com e-mail address. Managing your backups is entirely your responsibility.

For your satisfaction, please follow the rules. We wish you trouble-free days..